A New Approach To The New Year

Have you created your vision board yet? How about set your 2017 goals? Isn’t that the thing you do once the calendar kicks into the New Year? Man, how bad are we… We just spent the entire month of December eating too much, drinking too much and forgoing all the things we normally do (like
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Bring The Noise Down

If I told you that I know a way of improving your performance at work and in the gym by doing absolutely nothing would you believe me? With more and more high performing athletes and entrepreneurs coming out publicly stating that they accredit daily meditation to their personal advancement, I don’t think you can look
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Going Chemical Free

One of my best mates is an Oncologist (cancer doctor). One day a while back, he came over to our house just after I finished cleaning. With the smell of bleach in the air and a smile on my face, he proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t be inhaling the fumes of the bleach
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