Have you created your vision board yet? How about set your 2017 goals? Isn’t that the thing you do once the calendar kicks into the New Year?

Man, how bad are we… We just spent the entire month of December eating too much, drinking too much and forgoing all the things we normally do (like sleep, eat well and exercising), then New Years Eve hits like some sort of climax, only to be let down on New Years day to wonder what the hell was that all about?

New Years often puts people into this hot seat of preparation. Goal setting for a new, bigger, better year. Dreaming big about new home, new holiday destination, new body! It’s like we are in remorse for the month we just ate and drank away, so we must now make a mends and repent our sins!

Sadly most New Years resolutions and goals go by the way side by mid Jan…. They don’t even see the month out.

Oh, let’s do things differently in 2017 shall we? Lets go slow. Let’s get back to something that’s sustainable and life enhancing.

Regaining your energy will be a great starting point. December often leaves us feeling fatigued and low on reserves. We may be super optimistic about the New Year, but our body is not on the same frequency as our brain and wants to sleep the days away under a shady tree.

Gut Feels?

Your gut houses 70% of your immune system. Lets start there to retrieve some of our energy reserves.

The gut does an enormous amount of work – that’s why when your sick you wont feel hungry; the body doesn’t want the extra work to deal with!

Take a 3 day mini reset detox to assist the gut get back into the game.

During this 3 day cleanse, start your day with warm herbal teas and add some fat like MCT oil or try a blend warm water with turmeric, cinnamon, broth powder, grass-fed butter and MCT oil. It’s a great way to reduce inflammation and it’s delicious – this warm drink will sustain you for hours.

Eat lightly through the day focusing on broths, soups, smoothies, juices and salads with fish.

Remove coffee and fruit for these 3 days just to allow your body to cleanse. Sugar in any form should be eliminated just so you can cut the addiction and when you return to your normal eating you wont crave sugar.

Hit up a good probiotic supplement. Take a month course of the tablets and try and get other healthy bacteria in foods such as Kim chi, Sauerkraut, Kefir and Kombucha.

Intermittent Fasting

Adding in Intermittent fasting for the above 3 days (and adding this in each week) is a great way to allow your gut rest. You can choose a 12/15/16/18 hour fast which sounds worse than it is. If you finish eating dinner at 7pm you can restart eating the next day at 7am for a 12-hour fast or 10am for a 15 hour fast etc. Dave Asprey creator of the bulletproof coffee is a big advocate for intermittent fasting for general health but also to combat disease. His bulletproof coffee which is rich in fat doesn’t break your fast and can be taken throughout the morning to help your body not feel like its in starvation mode.

Lay off the booze

Cut the alcohol. At some point the party needs to stop. Alcohol places an unnecessary workload on the liver, and like sugar is a drug that is devastating to your general health. If you’re someone that has a glass of wine with a meal once a week then this is not for you. But if your drinking more than once a week or more than a couple of glasses at a time you are not serious about your health.

Top up with supplements

Supplementing your diet may be necessary if your someone who works long hours (stressful job) and doesn’t always quite nail healthy meals every meal.

Vitamin C and E are antioxidants and assist in neutralizing free radicals that cause inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of many diseases so reducing it is game changer for your health.

Vitamin B (all of them) are critical in converting our food into fuel and resulting in energy for us to use throughout the day. The B’s are required for a healthy heart, nervous system, brain, bones, skin, hair – the list is long and distinguished. If your not on a good Vitamin B supplement do yourself a favour and get on it.

Sleep is king

Sleep is your best friend and will be your biggest secret weapon for life. I have written a previous blog on sleep and there is now an abundance of information on the Internet about the benefits of sleep.

To enhance your quality of sleep try turning off phones and televisions at least an hour before bed. During this ‘wind down’ before sleep reduce all blue light exposure (lLED lights, phone, computers etc), which stimulate your daytime hormones to fire.

Light candles and allow your levels of Melatonin to draw you into a beautiful slumber (it’s romantic anyway!). Likewise when you wake in the morning try not to look at phones or turn lights on straight away; allow natural light to slowly increase your daytime hormones of Cortisol.


Exercise is one of the greatest ways you can improve your current energy levels and also extend your life. If you want to live a full, rich life for many years you need to be fit and strong. To be truly fit you need a training regime that balances strength with cardiovascular fitness. If you don’t currently have a training regime that contains both then you should seriously consider it.


The Australian life expectancy is 84 years, you may not be anywhere near that but I know you don’t want to be seeing you days out without vitality and capability. Start planning the BIG picture now, a picture that matters to you not only this year but every year that follows.


“Don’t be most people; most people don’t achieve their dreams”

Robert Kiyosaki



Your life is made up of years yes, but those years are made up of days and moments. Live each of them well and without regret. Take the lessons of 2016 and move forward in each day.


You just witnessed how quickly a year can pass – 2016 went by in a blink. You don’t need a date in the calendar to tell you to set goals for the up coming months.

Start now!

Set one goal for each day, keep it simple, keep it relevant to your life and make sure you get it done. You have the potential to accomplish 365 goals this year, don’t sell yourself short by trying to think of them all now.