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CrossFit found me late in 2008 just when my then chosen endurance sport had started to reject me in the form of never ending body aches and pains, not to mention two chronic injuries I sustained. I was training in excess of 25 hours a week for triathlon and I owned a Group Personal Training
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You snooze you lose??? Or…. You sleep you gain!!

We are in the golden age of scientific findings around sleep. If you are an athlete, an entrepreneur or just someone who wants to achieve the most out of each day, it is worth your time to learn some strategies that will enhance your sleep experience. I tell my clients their day starts when they go to
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Is an athletic background important for CrossFit?

As CrossFit and The Sport of Fitness matures and the field of those taking part in the sport broadens, we hear and read many opinions on how to reach the highest levels. There are unending interviews, youtube videos, blog articles and social media sites on how the best in our sport Eat, Train, Think, Live
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