2. Running Group
We are now calling for registrations for our 8 week Running Program. This program is aimed at the Half Marathon runners (not the Full).
The preparation for this run will be probably very different to what you have previously known – it will be a specific CrossFit Preparation Program… This will differ greatly from a traditional running program and we will be running as a group Once a week and the general programming will be altered also. In the first week there will be an extra session for Pose Running Education and also to go through the 8 week program. The last week will also have an extra session aimed at “Race Nutrition”, “Race Strategy”, “Race Recovery” ( you will be given information on how to not lose your strength, how to not get injured, how to get back to training the day after the race).
The package will then be 8 running sessions and 2 hours of theory/eduction/skills.
The cost is $170 per person
This is only for CrossFit Richmond Clients.

We will give you to next Wed to register, after that date we will not be taking any more people and we need a minimum of 15 to make it a GO.
If you have any questions feel free to give me a call to discuss.

3. Social Event
On Saturday 11th August we are looking to run a Rock Climbing afternoon and then head to a bar for drinks…. Let us know if your keen and we will book it!!!

See you guys at training!